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Gym Rules

Gym Rules

A guide to attending classes at Kingdom Gymnastics Trust

Registration with Kingdom Gymnastics Trust

• A KGT online registration form containing emergency contact and medical information must be completed for each child. The Parent/Guardian must inform the KGT office of any change to the child's medical information or emergency contact telephone number/s.

Dress Code & Belongings

• No jewellery of any kind is permitted to be worn in class, this includes but is not limited to earrings, necklaces, watches, rings, bangles, bracelets and hair accessories. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in your child not being permitted to participate in class as it is a direct violation of our club policy.

• Hair must be tied back at all times, regardless of gender.

• Children should wear the appropriate clothing for gymnastics, e.g. shorts/leggings, t-shirt or leotard. The following items are NOT permitted: crop tops, dresses, skirts or denim.

• No outdoor shoes to be worn in the gym.  Class is done barefoot.

• You are responsible for your child's belongings at all times.

Drinks for Class

• Ensure that your child brings a water bottle to class. Water bottles can be filled from the water dispenser located in gym area. No fizzy drinks are permitted.

Payment of Classes

• Kingdom Gymnastics Trust requires payment in advance for each block of classes. In the event of non-payment KGT reserves the right to refuse entry, and to offer the unpaid space to another child on our waiting list.

• No refunds/part refunds are provided for classes that are cancelled by the Parent/Guardian.

British Gymnastics Membership

• All gymnasts must be registered with British Gymnastics. We unfortunately cannot permit children into class without B.G. membership. (Not required for taster session)

Parental Access

• Parents/Guardians are not permitted into the gymnasium area during class time. This rule also applies to the Parents/Guardians of children attending taster sessions. 

• Parents/Guardians are invited on a periodic basis to view classes from our viewing area. Dates will be advised in advance.

Attending class

• Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times before class starts. 

• At the end of class a Parent or Guardian must collect their child.  Children will not be allowed out of the building unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

• In the event of any Parent/Guardian not being present to collect their child, the child will be returned to the gym until the Parent/Guardian arrives. In this instance KGT would ask that the Parent/Guardian inform KGT by telephone if they are running more than a few minutes late.

Emergency Exit

• Should the fire alarm sound and you are not in the gym, please do not enter the gym; leave the building immediately via the nearest fire exit and wait outside the hotel situated next door. All children will be escorted out of the building by the KGT coaches via the fire exits situated in the gym.


Many thanks for your cooperation

Kingdom Gymnastics Trust