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Easter Camp 2019

We will be running our Easter Camp from Monday 8th April to Friday 12th April 2019.
Check out the Camps section of our website for further details.

Scottish Gymanstics Membership (October 2018 - September 2019)

£17.00 Afterschool Classes
£11.00 Preschool Classes

Block Dates 2019

Monday 28th January - Friday 5th April 2019

Monday 22nd April - Friday 28th June 2019

Monday 19th August - Friday 8th November 2019 

Monday 11h November - Friday 24th January 2020

Next Rebooking Weeks...

Rebooking for members only - Monday 25th March 2019

Rebooking for public bookings - Monday 1st April 2019

Anyone who has not rebooked by Friday 29th March 2019 runs the risk of losing their space.


Kingdom Gymnastics standard class timetable will cease for the Easter break following last class on Friday 5th April 2019 and recommence on Monday 22nd April 2019.